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Rig review.

SIM-RACING has led to the creation of some amazing set-ups. Back in the day -around 10 years ago - a gaming wheel was simplistic. Functioning only as a directional input without Force Feedback. Today there are amazing hydraulic rig's such... Continue Reading →


Halloween horror; Rush of Blood Review.

HAPPY Halloween! It's time to get spooky with a slightly off topic Until Dawn; Rush Of Blood review. Taking a step into virtual reality shooting, the game tackles motion sickness by putting you in a cart, making it an 'on-rails shooter'.... Continue Reading →


OVER a week after PlayStation:VR launched it's time to talk business. DriveClub:VR is a standalone game that is essentially a re-build of the PS4 'launch' game. Which actually released almost a year after PS4. Although Evolution Studio was disbanded by... Continue Reading →

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