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Rig review.

SIM-RACING has led to the creation of some amazing set-ups. Back in the day -around 10 years ago - a gaming wheel was simplistic. Functioning only as a directional input without Force Feedback. Today there are amazing hydraulic rig's such... Continue Reading →


The Gran Turismo evolution.

GRAN Turismo - or GT - shares it's entire history with the PlayStation brand. Initially releasing in December 1997 on the PS1, GT became an instant hit. Worldwide sales have topped 72.6 million, making it PlayStation's biggest franchise. Polyphony Digital... Continue Reading →

Beat ‘The Stig’.

PROJECT Cars is probably the best racer on Playstation 4 at the moment. It's for good reason too, PCars is a beautifully challenging game. Anyway, many months ago I missed a great weekend challenge in-game. The task is to beat... Continue Reading →

Firing Up.

IT'S October 13 2016 and Sony have officially launched their Virtual Reality headset. PlayStation:VR is set to blur the lines of reality and gaming, making realistic Motorsport more accessible than ever. To anyone with a love of cars and racing, but... Continue Reading →

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