SIM-RACING has led to the creation of some amazing set-ups. Back in the day -around 10 years ago – a gaming wheel was simplistic. Functioning only as a directional input without Force Feedback. Today there are amazing hydraulic rig’s such as this one:

These are used for professional race drivers to practice. Costing thousands upon thousands to buy, they remain unreachable to most. However, years of refinement has led to great quality wheels and accessories being relatively cheap.

With this in mind, Here is a review of my set-up.

First up, the seat.
A lot of people use PC chairs and tables for this. However, this is the part that completes a racing set up. My chair is the PlaySeat Evolution:


At around £200 it is probably the cheapest of the full seat options. It comes with a fold-able bucket seat and cushion with the attachable wheel and pedals frame. Taking about half an hour to set-up, it’s a straight forward process.

The chair is perfect for the job. Holding you securely much like a real bucket seat. The cushion is comfy and I’ve played for long sessions happily. Coming in either black or white, the chair looks great and can be taken away from the frame to sit alone.

Although it does fold in half ‘for storage’ the chair is undeniably large. Unless you have a big cupboard it will probably need to stay out. My only complaint is that the seat is squeaky straight from the box thanks to the folding mechanism. It hasn’t bothered me while playing but it certainly does annoy the people around you.


The other function of the chair is the stand for the holder and the pedals. These are fully adjustable to suit your own preferences and steering wheels. There are fitment options for most popular brands and it works perfectly with my G29. The pedals are angled so they sit comfortably, like a real car.

Overall the seat is well made and sturdy. It is a must for anyone who wants to race seriously. I remember using a wobbly table and a computer chair to race with when I was younger. Safe to say this is a huge improvement.

Next up, the Logitech G29.


The PlayStation branded wheel has flashes of blue. It looks great. Made from a combination of smooth plastic, brushed aluminium and leather it feels good too. The wheel is nice and chunky making it easy to grip.

Featuring all of the usual PlayStation controls, you can use the wheel with every aspect of the PS4 without the need of a controller. The wheel also offers extra functions like using the red dial to adjust brake bias mid race in PCars.

The Force Feedback comes from a belt driven system. This is old technology and has a constant grumble under use. However, it gives tactile Force Feedback and is a thousand times better than a controller. There are better compatible wheels for the PS4 but this one gives the best value for money at around £170.


The wire organisation also deserves a mention. Each plug is out of sight and the wires get pressed into grooves on the underneath of the wheel. This leaves the wheel flat to sit on the surface and keeps everything nice and neat.

It comes with aluminium flappy paddles attached. These are great and give a satisfying click when pressed. I have often found myself losing them while turning the wheel and pressing the wrong paddle.

The solution to this is the G29 Shifter and Gear Stick Holder Pro:


When full price at £50, this is a big ask. But keep checking amazon, it’s usually on sale. The gear stick works as you would imagine. It feels smaller than a real car but it provides enough to make it worth while. The stick doesn’t have much weight behind it so it can be easy to miss gears. After a few races you soon get the hang of it.

Finally, the pedals:

These are simply great. Each pedal is weighted to represent the Accelerator, brake and clutch. The brake pedal is the highlight and it has a strong amount of resistance. This means you really have to stamp on the brakes during races. It also makes it easy to judge how much of the brake you are applying. These come included with the steering wheel.

Again plated with aluminium, they are strong and durable. Just make sure you wear socks, they get COLD.

Overall I love my set-up. There are better ones out there but for those on a budget it’s hard to find better.