IT’S time.

The dust has settled and The Grand Tour has had enough time to find its feet. Amazon have propelled their crown jewel onto the side of every bus and billboard across the nation. Everyone has heard of it.

The Grand Tour, but what do we all think?

Firstly, there are already thousands of critical ‘reviews’ for GT. So many people chiming in with their thoughts and opinions. Comparing it against Top Gear. Criticizing all it does differently.

So I thought I would write a different kind of piece.

Quite simply, the filming and production of The Grand Tour is an art form in it’s self.

The Grand Tour – Namibia Special –

When you put Clarkson and the cohort to the back of your mind, glazing over the jokes and laughs. The Grand Tour looks nothing like a standard Motoring show. The sheer sense of scale is vast. Flowing shots over the dunes in Namibia look like something straight from a film.

From the very first episode, GT impressed with it’s visuals. The scene of the lads drifting the three most anticipated cars of the year is stunning. Ferrari Laferrari, Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1. The sense of speed and gorgeous shots take you closer to the action. It also makes you realize just how much of an expensive accident could have happened.

Here’s the trailer to show you what I mean:

The truth is, even Top Gear was always famed for it’s cinematography. Over many series the team at the BBC fine-tuned their method of production and it resulted in some of the most beautiful TV we had ever seen.

The BBC have always been ahead of the crowd. Nature documentaries such as Planet Earth always stun viewers with the footage they capture.

Somehow, Amazon have captured the same essence and more.

Right from episode One.

Alfa Romeo – The Grand Tour –

The show’s visuals ooze perfection. Amazon are said to have used the highest quality equipment available. Even Clarkson puts himself to the background at one point to let the images do the talking.

However, it is only when the charismatic trio appear that the program bursts into life. Giving us the best of both worlds.

Kudos Amazon, kudos.