HAPPY Halloween!
It’s time to get spooky with a slightly off topic Until Dawn; Rush Of Blood review.

Taking a step into virtual reality shooting, the game tackles motion sickness by putting you in a cart, making it an ‘on-rails shooter’. Brimming with cliches and jump scares it appears as a generic horror.

But all is not as it seems, MUHAHAHA.


Immersing yourself into Rush Of Blood is isolating. You are trapped alone in a cart, wheeling slowly down a dark hallway. Lights flicker as movement can be heard all around you. Hairs stand on end. The fact is, cliche horror isn’t boring in VR; It’s real. The presence can be felt and you don’t know what is coming next.

You’re greeted by a man who morphs into a carnival outfit, welcoming you to the ride. You are instructed to use two hand guns with the Dualshock 4’s triggers and bumpers, which works really well.

The trains course begins, constantly changing speed and noise level to give atmosphere. Each corner you take ramps up the intensity going from target practice to outright fear. Demonic beings lunge at you while you fight to reload. Once you’ve checked the surroundings – flinching with each noise – the cart picks up speed again. Lurching around the track can feel odd but mini tasks keep you focused. Squeezing your body through cut outs while fending off various demonic attacks makes an excellent, and possibly less terrifying edition of the BBC’s ‘Through The Wall’. (see images below).

The visuals are excellent and the control scheme feels instinctive. PS:VR’s ‘3D Audio’ plays a huge role, isolating you from your physical place and plunging you into a carnival of horror. This hilarious video shows Karen trying PS:VR for the first time with the game;

The only downside to the game is that I wish it had more depth. What it achieves is great and the experience is scary but I’m left wanting more. Pricing for the game is £13.99 at most good retailers. This is it’s saving grace, making it a worthwhile buy.

Overall, Rush Of Blood is an intense, exciting and genuinely scary game. Virtual Reality horror is not for everyone and it proves that.

I think it’s one of the best games on PS:VR right now. Short but sweet and perfect for terrifying your friends this Halloween.